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The Average Wedding Can Cost Up To $20,000 But Discover....

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That's Right, You Too Can Have The Most Unforgettable, Breath-Taking, Wonderfully Sensational Wedding That You've Been Dreaming About By Knowing How You Can SAVE Hundreds And Thousands Of Dollars In Creating The Most Stunning, And Radiant Wedding With A Shoe String Budget!



Name: Melanie Barrett 


Dear Friend,

There’s going to be a wedding! What a wonderfully, joyous time! But along with those happy feelings, comes a whole other set of emotions.

We certainly know how you’re feeling. It’s not all that uncommon. You’ve got a mixture of utter elation, a little bit of fear, and some confusion to top it all off. The daunting task of planning a dream wedding looms ahead of you.

Maybe you’re reading this as the happy bride or groom. Perhaps you are the mother of the bride and need some tips on how to give your daughter the wedding she’s always dreamed of. It doesn’t matter who you are, what matters is that you’ve found us!  

There's a wedding coming, now comes the stressful part.  You want to throw the wedding of your dreams, but you’re not Donald Trump’s kid.  What do you do?

Statistics say the average wedding costs $20,000.  Most young girls dream of the fairy tale wedding:  long white gown, 8 bridesmaids, a sit-down dinner, the band everyone dances to.

Many brides have been dreaming about their wedding day since childhood. These dreams come with an expensive price tag and the realization of their fairytale day may be distant. Although weddings are very costly today, your dream day can happen. I am going to share some tips to cut corners and save money without making huge sacrifices.

By taking the time to plan and investigate, you will be amazed at the amount of money that you save. Would you arrive at an interview for your dream job without prior preparation?

No, you would not and that is why preparation and research will make your wedding a success without re-mortgaging the house!

It's only natural to want the Cinderella fantasy wedding, complete with ice sculptures, a heavenly cake, and thousands of guests who've flown in from around the world to enjoy the accompanying dinner. It's only human to cry at the bill that this dream can rack up.

Costs can add up quickly.  Factor in the meal, the liquor, the music, the dress, the flowers, the photographer, the decorations and the dream wedding can seem way out of your league.  But it doesn’t have to be.

How can the average person have a beautiful wedding with all the bells and whistles on a working person’s salary?  Perhaps the three letters/words that say it best are - DIY (do it yourself!)


How ANYONE Can Easily Save $10,000
On An Average Wedding...

It’s a special day and you want it to be everything you’ve ever dreamed about. It can be! No matter how small your budget is, there are ways to maximize your budget and make it go farther than you ever thought it could.

The cost of a dream wedding can rise into the tens of thousands Of dollars very, very easily! My grandparents first home cost $15,000. It was a beautiful brick ranch home in an upper middle class neighborhood that they lived in for many, many years and raised two children in.

It can be mind-boggling that some brides think it’s alright to spend that much money on an event that lasts just one day! But for many, it’s a cost they’re more than willing to incur.

After all, most brides plan on their marriage lasting a lifetime, so the investment in a dream wedding is just a way for them to reassure not only themselves but those around them that they are that confident about this union. That’s OK!

The reality is that there are not many people out there who are able to spend that kind of cash on a party. But they do want a wedding that is memorable, beautiful, and the one that they’ve always dreamed of.

Well, guess what?

You Can Have It All...

A Dream Wedding Without...

A Huge Price Tag!


"I’ve Got The Answers You’re Looking For!"

If you want to plan your dream wedding like a professional and save yourself valuable time, money, and prevent unnecessary stress; then you have to hear everything I am about to share with you, it's that important.

If you have only just gotten engaged then you are probably right now feeling high on life, full of butterflies, buzz and excitement. Getting engaged is a truly magical experience and you probably can't wait for the fun and joy of experiencing your engagement party, wedding, honeymoon and future together.

Now that the happy couple is engaged, there’s so much to do for the wedding, you might feel overwhelmed. That’s understandable. You want a beautiful, memorable wedding, but the funds just aren’t where you think they need to be in order to have that type of ceremony.



"How To Plan The Perfect Wedding"

On A Shoestring Budget!

Our How To Plan The Perfect Wedding EbookThis all-in-one comprehensive ebook compiles tips from wedding planners, event coordinators, and brides who have been there and done that - thrown a gorgeous wedding on a shoestring budget!

With this amazing new ebook, “Planning the Perfect Wedding on a Shoestring Budget”, you can throw a Cinderella-type wedding without going deep into debt.

You know, many people don't really comprehend how much money it takes to have that breath-taking wedding. There are so many things that are involved that goes into creating a beautiful wedding.

In fact, many end up spending their entire budget on nearly 75% of all things that are needed to make their wedding glow before they even get to 3 months before the big day.

Just imagine how fantastic and excited you are going to be on your wedding day! With The Master Wedding Planning Guide your day is GUARANTEED to be a success, and what's more you will be able to have the wedding of your dreams at half the cost and with as little stress as possible!


Inside the pages of this ebook, you will get:

 A Step By Step Plan On Starting With Your Wedding Preparations

Affordable Bridal Attire to Wear For Him and Her   

Affordable Attendant Attire As Well 

You Will Learn How to Also Make Your Own Veil      
A Rose is a Rose (Affordable Ceremony Flowers)  

How To Make Your Own Ceremony Flowers    

Affordable Decorative Flowers for the Ceremony    

Guide You On Decorating The Ceremony Yourself  

How to Make Your Own Pew Bows    

Music at the Ceremony    

Smile Pretty (Affordable Photography and Videography)   

Guide to Decorating the Reception      

How To Make Your Own Centerpiece Suggestions   

Cheap Wedding Favors        

How to Prepare Yummy Yummy Food (You Will Save A Lot)

How to Make Calling Betty Crocker (Cake)      

Get a Delicious Wedding Mint Recipe 

To Party or Not to Party (Affordable Beverages)   

Boogie Oogie Oogie (Music at the reception)   

Affordable Yet Exclusive Wedding Rings    

Affordable Attendant Gifts (As a Thank You for Coming)    

The Honeymoon Preparations      

General Wedding Tips 

Get A Budget Tracking Sheet       

Also Get A Task Checklist With Notes 

 And so much more!


It's All About Planning The
Perfect Wedding!

The wedding market in the United States is at an all time high, with a financial outlay in the region of twenty-five thousand dollars it is not surprising many couples are reluctant to commit.

There is huge pressure on young people to spend vast sums of money on their wedding but it really isn't necessary, you can still have a great day even if you plan to have a cheap wedding.

A little guidance and cost saving ideas could make it all possible, which should make for an exciting, memorable day without the financial pain.

  My HappyTestimonials! 

"Money Never Stopped My Dream Wedding"

"Hello Melanie,

I was worried about getting married. The only thing that was stopping us from doing it was the money issue. We didn't have any, period!

I was searching on the internet one day and came across your website and decided to purchase your guide. I mean, if I didn't like it, I knew I'd get my money back anyways. So I decided, what the heck.

"I was incredibly stressed about our wedding because my best friend got married last year and had quite a few things go wrong. Just minor, but I wanted to avoid those things.

After reading numerous wedding planning guides, I never found any that were even half as comprehensive as what I found yours to be. It is not only very clearly laid out, but answered all of my questions and I referred to it at least 100 times during the planning of my wedding. Thank you so much!"

Long-story short Melanie, we finally did it! Last weekend, my beautiful fiancée and I did it! It surely wasn't the flashiest, but it was beautiful, and my bride couldn't have been any happier!



Melissa Silvermore


"It All Went Well Thanks To Your Guide"

Hi Melanie,

I wanted to say thank you for all your help. And I know you like hearing from everyone you help so I wanted to tell you something.

My fiancée (well, husband now) originally had a $10,000 wedding budget for everything, honeymoon included. But by using the tips, and money saving techniques in your ebook, we did the entire wedding, reception, and honeymoon for under $5,000! I can NOT believe we saved 50% of our budget.

We are going to put the extra money we saved including our gift money, plus what we've saved up already for a down payment to a home!

I'll send you a picture of it when it's official Thank you once again!"


Gabby Chilamba


"The Perfect Wedding Planner"

Greetings Melanie Barrett,

This book has given me a lot of help with planning my wedding as I had no idea about the timeline before and when certain things should get done.

In addition to this, I have also now got quite a few money saving ideas!

Your guide has been very helpful. My wedding is scheduled for February 12th and I wasn't sure what was needed to be done.

I have looked through bridal magazines and talked with other people, however I found your guide to be most helpful.

I am sure that with your guide I will have the wedding that I always wanted with out having to spend a lot of money.



Tania Maniaca

As you are hopefully well aware, planning a wedding is a huge task. It can be fun, but also very stressful.

You may have heard from friends and relatives not to worry about what goes wrong on your special day because inevitably there will be the odd blunder.

But does that really fill you with the confidence you need and reduce your wedding stress?

Personally I haven't seen too many weddings where there are massive disasters (I've seen a couple, but not many), but I have heard of dozens of weddings where they just didn't go as well as they had hoped.

But if you order today you also receive these bonus guides that every getting marring couple should have.....


  Free Bonus #1

Guide to Wedding EtiquettesWedding Etiquettes 101

With this guide you will learn how to properly adopt etiquette into your marriage.

You will learn how to properly determine who's doing what, discover how to handle invitations and announcements, the wedding etiquette breakdown of who's who, learn the several key elements to remember for the wedding shower, get a step by step guideline of what normal wedding showers include, discover the etiquette friendly ways of writing wedding invitations, learn all the different things you should include in the invitations, discover what else goes in the wedding invitations.
And you will also learn when and when not to accept gifts during your shower, what types of gifts you should give to guests at your wedding, the gift do's and don'ts list to follow for your etiquette, learn how to nicely return a wedding gift, and find out who to tip, for which services & how much.

This is a must have guide which gives you everything on wedding etiquette.


Free Bonus #2 

Year Long Wedding ChecklistYear Long Wedding Checklist

Your wedding should be coming up within the next 6 to 12 months. Do you know what to do and when exactly you need to do them?

Here is a guided timeline that specifically gives you the approximate time tasks that should be completed within that time frame.

Use the following list as a guide to help you get the right things done, in the appropriate order.

Print this guide out and “check off” all the items that you have completed to make things less stressful and more fun for you.

This wonderful report gives you a complete,  detailed list of essential wedding tasks that you need "to do"  before the big day!  Takes you step-by-step (checklist) from one year until you get married!


Free Bonus #3  

Guide to Reception PlanningWedding Reception Planning

What exactly should you look for in your reception location, aside from that sense of rightness you know you’ll have the moment you find the most perfect spot?

Shopping for a site is like finding a mate, a test you’ve obviously mastered.

You should be looking for the same sorts of things like: charm, personality, depth, more than just a pretty face or perfect body (although looks do count!).

This eye-opening report will truly give your reception the juice it needs to be the absolute best!  It's also printable so you can check things off, and keep things organized as well..  A truly unique report is only given to those who purchase "How To Plan The Perfect Wedding".


Free Bonus #4 

Honeymoon Planning GuideHoneymoon Planning Guide

The wedding is just the beginning.  There’s plenty of excitement planning the honeymoon as well, from choosing a travel adventure to deciding on what to bring along on the journey. 

And for many, planning this great “escape” is just as important as planning the actual wedding.  Regardless of where you decide to go, there are some things you should know to make it the kind of experience you want it to be.

First, you must decide on a budget.  If money is not an issue, bon-voyage!  However,  if you’re like most engaged couples, you’re already paying more than you anticipated.  Establish a budget and use it as a guide.

You’ll also need to decide whether you want an all-inclusive, one-price-does-it-all, leave-the-wallet-at-home type of trip, or a more do-it-yourself package with car rental, lodging, food, and activities on an a la carte basis!

If you want to have an exciting wonderful honeymoon on a budget as well this is a must have ebook covers all you will need know and plan for in preparing for your honeymoon.

And for the past year, my guide has helped my friends and countless of people who read and followed my advice to have their own special wedding while saving thousands and thousands of dollars.


So How Much Is It Worth to You? 

You could search for tips like these on your own, but why do that when it’s all right here! We’ve done the work for you!

Along with page after page of money saving tips, this ebook also gives you valuable checklists to keep track of expenses and make sure you have covered all aspects of throwing a wedding.

There’s nothing worse than being a week away from the wedding and stressing over whether or not you’ve covered all your bases!

We are offering you this amazing and valuable guide to having the wedding of your dreams in an exclusive offer.

If you’ve always wanted a great wedding, it’s well worth it to order our book for just $29.97 

And just so you know that we are so confident you will not find a better wedding guide anywhere else, we’re guaranteeing your order. Not only do we know we have a product like no other, we know that this ebook will help you more than even you can imagine!

The time is ticking away. Be prepared for your special day! Get your copy of “How To Plan The Perfect Wedding on a Shoestring Budget!” today and save big on your big day!

But to make you even more comfortable about your investment, I'll offer you my....


My Huge, Risk-Free 3-Month, 100%
Money-Back Guarantee

guaranteeCheck Out Our Unheard of Famous Clear As Black-And-White 100% Money Back Guarantee!

You'll Enjoy A 100 Percent 90-day Money-Back Guarantee! That's right! We said you get 100 percent of your money back if you don't learn how to plan a wedding for a very low cost!

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When you order, you’ll receive your e-book directly in your e-mail box within minutes. It’s yours to keep and use. Share it with family and friends. Let YOU become the wedding expert. People will be coming to you for wedding advice. Think of how satisfying it will be to speak from not only knowledge, but from experience too! 

Remember: You only get 1 shot at this! (well at least I hope that is your plan!)

Any number of things can happen and they aren't necessarily major, but good planning can alleviate all the stress of worrying about what might go wrong and allow you to enjoy your special day. Here's a few examples of disappointing things that have happened at weddings.


If You Are Leaving This Page Without Using The Saving Tips In This Guide, You Will Be Throwing Away Thousands Of Extra Dollars On Your Wedding.. 

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Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful wedding and a happy marriage! 

With warmest regards

Melanie Barrett

P.S You can go about your wedding the way you were going to.  Keep searching online for ways to save money on your wedding, keep searching for little freebies as you go along, keep wondering what steps to take and when, and how to do things in the correct order, how much money to spend on what, and when, etc ...

P.P.S Don't run the risk of struggling by doing things the hard way, taking chance for a possible disaster, forgetting a crucial detail, or unnecessarily paying way more money than you should. With this ebook you have every tip at your disposal on greatly reducing your wedding costs and saving more money for your honeymoon.

P.P.P.S You will never be able to make your beautiful wedding and lasting memories at such a low price. Because you won't find information like this elsewhere. And remember, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and it will be the important day of your life.

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I understand that this ebook will help me start planning and preparing for this wonderful wedding.

And I understand that by making a one time investment I will receive the following wedding planning ebooks:   

 How To Plan The Perfect Wedding - Which is a 36 page ebook that will guide me on how to have the most unforgettable, breath-taking, wonderfully sensational wedding. And how I can SAVE hundreds and thousands of dollars in creating the most stunning, and radiant wedding of my dreams!

 Wedding Etiquettes 101 - Which is a 27 page ebook that will give me everything I need to know on how to properly adopt etiquette into my marriage. This guide lives no stone unturned on wedding etiquette!

 Year Long Wedding Checklist- Which is a 6 page ebook that will give me a detailed list of essential wedding tasks that I need "to do"  before the big day!

 Wedding Reception Planning - Which is a 12 page ebook that will guide me on how to give my reception the juice it needs to be the absolute best!

 Honeymoon Planning Guide - Which is a 7 page ebook that will help me plan my honeymoon will all the money I will save from my wedding!


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- Year Long Wedding Checklist

- Wedding Reception Planning

- Honeymoon Planning Guide

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- How To Plan The Perfect Wedding

- Wedding Etiquettes 101

- Year Long Wedding Checklist

- Wedding Reception Planning

- Honeymoon Planning Guide

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