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Filmed by White In Revery – http://youtube.com/whiteinrevery

Thank you also to our AMAZING band Johnny Wild & the Delights:
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Khushbakht Durrani says:

You guys are freakin cute!!!!!!😘😘😘

Mary Rose says:

I've watched this so many times and I still tear up everytime😭💛

Dianna Leon says:

Such a beautiful and Godly marriage. You guys will have forever together. I wish you two the best of luck and remember to always put god first!!! Much love, a fellow sister.

Lydia Tellez says:

beautiful couple😭💖

Alex Davidson says:

Your love is in inspiration. God bless you both, your story brought tears to my eyes, and I only hope for a happy ending like yours.

jackie_1979 says:

If only I could find someone to be happy with. Anyone else?

Maha says:

This is the third time that I come back and see this video! Feels so pure!

Nick Joyce says:

what's the opening song?

Ellsie Gomez says:

I'm crying at work watching this!!! God Bless you both now and always<3

Miranda Mathews says:

wow. i'm really crying

Gracie Babcock says:

This video is beautiful and you are both blessed so much 💓your marriage will be a great one I already know Kristen and Marcus johns

Asha Webber says:

This wedding looks so littttttt 🔥🔥🔥🔥 better than high school parties 😂😂

Naomi yslas says:

If I don't have a marriage like this 😪 you guys are beautiful

Samantha Gámiz says:

Im crying so hard… omg this is absolutely beautiful

TheMiniFruit says:

Marcus looks a lot like Brendon Urie doesn't he? Such a cute couple 😊

Denise Parreira says:

this is the most beautiful video I have ever seen

Rachel Couture says:

how old are they

Luna Gervin says:

At 7:13 she whispers "kiss me" so adorable

Katie Fox says:

Why is the video unavailable for me? 😭😭. I've wanted to watch so bad since you posted!!

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