How To Have A Better Marriage ❃Bishop T.D Jakes❃

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Sandra Singh says:

thank God for this word…every encouraged by the word of God….OUR God is good!

Damar Juliette says:

Separated for 1 year. I am praying for God to restore my marriage. I'm not letting the devil steal and destroy my marriage and my husband. I rebuke the spirit of rebellion that is over my husband.

tyler joyner says:

the concept of marriage is stupid. you are signing a contract with another human who changes constantly. a money raqcett to the lawyers to the diamond stores

Lajoyce Alexander says:

This is so powerful! This sermon is applied to every relationship. Not just marriage but other too. This is great for singles and marry people. You must allow a man to become the leader/the head. He must follow God to have the other s family members to follow him. Si true women can't be a father to children this is facts. Go inside the homes of many, children react without mother/father they need both. We must teach our children its important to have both, even though both parents not there. We must break that bad yoke. I had some many things to learn without having a real father. But the grace of God was my father when i didn't have one. I taught my daughter by my example. I always encourage her to have a relationship with her father. Because I knew what that would be like without one. Marriage is a great reunión to raise healthy kids when you have a God fear marriage.

RFI-Crypto Lab says:

They say marriage is grand, but divorce is $100K.

Don't do it men. Western women are undeserving .

Ryan Williams says:

it's all about how much you want to be apart of the person you chooses to marry

Liz hylton says:

im asking believing and agreeing with God for total restoration of the WE in my marriage. I break every chain of rebellion in the blood of Jesus. I break every yoke of all that is evil and unclean in my marriage. restore restore restore father. Christopher and my marriage will be restore. get rid of the selfishness in my husband and kill the witch of rebellion in Chris. I trust you father I declare and decree your purpose and mission for our marriage will NOT return to you void. in Jesus name I believe in you father God. amen


We registered for our marriage license Friday, May 5, 2017..
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ZA3 TNB says:

my girl said if I get 10,000 likes she will marry me please like because I really want to marry her thanks💘😃💯 Ill upload or marraige so subcribe to my page to keep up with us

Angela Nov Williams says:

submitting is hard for me because I've been independent so long… I've been working since i was a young teen…and really had no man to look up to. I'm trying but tonight I took the lead when i shouldn't have now we not talking… this happens often. Lord help me. i don't want to ruin our marriage.

Ali Bunkles says:

I needed this today.


TD Jake's inspires me and I Love to hear him speak/Preach the word he keeps it 1000%real that's a true man of God. (Take the word (THE BIBLE) study it and do not abuse it. Use it as a tool for LIFE'S JOURNEY&GROWTH.)





Jerrita Johnson says:

What do you do when your husband doesn't want to man up

Netta Pooh says:

Message was great! But this link I could not see the video. It was audio only.

Kator Dooiyor Bur says:

All TD Jakes messages are as if he is talking about. He mentions my name in all his messages. So far, NOTHING JUST HAPPENS is the best

Clarissa Cherry says:

powerful message!! much marriage is hanging on by a thread. thank you God for leading me to this message.. Bless u Bishop!!

Cynthia Wilson says:

Marriage is about being committed to the relationship, in the good and bad times.

jean faustin says:

you open up the back of a remote control… you will see a positive and a negative next to each other… you must place the battery like this…. one positive one top and a negative up top. you have never in your life seen 2 + is 2- together next to each other….. and Thats the only way the remote will work. ..think deep about what im trying to say..

Patricia Smart says:

I'm crying in silence if I cry out loud or express my feelings an argument will occur. I am so unhappy, sad, upset, angry, and frustrated. I tried everything, but nothing seems to work not prayer is not working being faithful is not working worshipping God nothing I feel lost and alone. I'm drinking early in the morning for comfort I have no one to talk to I have to come on u tube to release my frustration I cannot talk to my husband all he does is yell like a madman. I need help I don't know what to do. I'm suppose to be preparing for my graduation, but in lieu of, I'm crying with sadness in my heart.

Elle S says:

We have intimacy, romance and showing each other affectation problems. My husband has suffered a stroke 1 years ago. We have been married for 2 years so despite it all I entered this marriage whole heartedly. We have talked to each other trying to come up with a resolution but it feel he only tells me what I need to hear so I don't leave him, now it's going on 2 years and we are just roommates and not husband and wife. I have prayed. I am praying. I don't know what else to do. Help

S McRae says:

WOW…Such a powerful message! God I thank you for my amazing, Handsome Husband!!!

jerel mckinney says:

everybody thinks about themselves there is no we there is only I evil Christians

Rhema Jolie says:

This came at the right time.Thanks for the revelation and rhema word!!!!!!!

Chazzmin H says:

going through a horrible break up n i want to make sure i bring the right tools into a new relationship. Thank you Jesus! I am so happy I am ready to listen to the word.

James Taylor says:

Amen! God is so faithful!!!!! He gave me my husband back and I am so in love with my husband but most of all with Jesus!!!!!! He gave me such a gift!!!!!! Thank you Lord! ❤️🙏💯

Gwen D says:

great message I really enjoyed I have had trouble in my marriage of my husband not really getting the picture as I see our marriage to be but things are getting better by the grace of God. I just desire for us to see eye to eye.

Karin Sagastegui says:

Great message! I'm married and this message is so true ! Love it ! Before my husband and I got married we listen and read books on marriage according to the word and thank God we did and still do! This is a message you must listen to it and meditate on it so it may enter into your heart, soul, spirit and mind!

kim kimbong says:

ohhh yes girl me too I will get there by his grace

Jonathan Harrison says:

Life is tough yall; sometimes you can be so caught up in your own world that you miss the little things around you. My wife and I only recently married, but the "hurricane of reality" hits so hard its tough remembering which way is up anymore. My girl (WIFE) means so much to me that i have to begin to listen more to her, then the ramblings in my own head! I will learn to LOVE you better honey!
Listen to your frustrations, Overlook the devils negatives, Value your feelings & Encourage your growth both in God & in the world!

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