10 Weirdest Wedding Dresses You Won’t Believe Exist

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There are many different brands and styles of wedding dresses on the market. There are the traditional and conventional silhouettes, like massive ball gowns and mermaid dresses. And then, there are the avant-garde dresses that leave every guest at the wedding stunned.

We’re going to show you some bridal gowns that look like nothing you’ve ever seen before, from dresses made entirely out of TP to another gown made from plastic bags. If you want to see some wacky, unconventional bridal gowns that are sure to leave you perplexed and intrigued, make sure to watch our video: 10 Weirdest Wedding Dresses You Won’t Believe Exist.

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TabbyLily says:

You know, Queen Marie Antoinette never actually said "Let them eat cake!".

Мария Кремень says:

This is Jack=🐰
1 like=1 friend
1 comment=5 friends

Alani Watson says:

These dresses are beautiful

unicoolcat girl says:

The dress does not matter,
as long as the bride is happy with it.🙂

Steven fan says:

That Thumbnail though

My Spammel says:

Early? Nope! On time

Bendy the hedgehog says:

Damn im late ;-;

Jehfff Burgenstien says:

'Inflated Rubber Balloons'


-_- wtf

Lilly plays Msp and more says:

The tp one I was like WHAT IF IT RAINED

Lixy B says:

i have already posted this on another video i am doing a competition to see who are the best viewers to compete and help this team like this comment the team with the most likes will get themselves each a new subscriber if they comment below but only if this gets more likes than the other videos comments

good luck

Frank Segalotto says:

Xxcv+bnm ssh a

DragonHunterKing -Gamer says:

I wonder does they use their dress in the restroom 😝

Shauna Smith says:

O. K weird

Lana FL says:

roses are red
violets are purple
i have nothing
to say

Bffl3443 says:

That plastic bag wedding dress was beautiful and sooo eco-friendly!

Chyna Pope says:

wow these are all trashy

Josie Bishop says:

When you feel like saying the word feel

RaeRae27 Queen of YouTube says:

These people are so boring

Fatooo Ooom says:

Guys you need to checkout this channel called St lol its so funny I died

Taneya Williams says:

This should be called crazy bridal dresses from TP Competitions.

Taneya Williams says:

9:30 I thought that was a woman facing back with a hat on

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