Colleen and Joshua’s Wedding

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On July 2, 2015, Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans got married. We are so excited to share our special day with you all! It was the best day of our lives.

Filmed and edited by Jay Diaz at Cinevent Productions –

Bella Vista Designs – Everything Badass, “Be Nice To People” Sign, Lighting, Audio Visual, Specialty Rentals, Decor –

Amber Weir Weddings – Coordination –

Britta Marie Photography – Photography –

Wendy Bellissimo – Dress Designer –

NLC Production – Florals –

Luna Bella Make up and Hair – Brides Makeup, Family and Friends hair and makeup –

Lorraine Lim Catering – Catering –

Town and Country – Rentals –

Wedding DJ –

La Tavola- Linens –

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Nashville, TN – 5/22 –
Albuquerque, NM – 7/27 –
Denver, CO – 7/29 –
Salt Lake City, UT – 7/30 –
Thousand Oaks, CA – 8/6 –
Birmingham, ENG – 8/13 –
Bristol, ENG 8/14 –
Manchester, ENG – 8/17 –
London, ENG – 8/20 –
Dublin, IRE – 8/22-23 –
Berlin, GER – 8/25 –
Munich, GER – 8/27 –
Cologne, GER 8/29 –
Hamburg, GER 8/31 – (Go here for all concert ticket info)


Sophie unicorn says:

Rabbeca is in the video

Monserrat Hernandez says:

They got married on my 8th birthday

Jewels Vlogs says:

the fact she didnt even write vows and git her mates to do it for her shows the person she is no wonder they broke up he deserves way better than that!!!

Nel Marckx says:

who else cried?!

Nutella _ Apples says:

I get so sad when I watch this because it makes me think about how sad they were when they got divorced and then how happy they were when they got married 😭😭😭

María Sanchez says:

Did you see rebeca and Matt like if you did

Katherine Gutierrez says:

I'm so sad!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Maureen says:

Omg July 2nd is my birthday😂

Hermione Granger and Harry Potter fan says:

He said he would stay with her forever and it's now 2017 AND THEY BROKE UP makes no sense at all

Jessica Lucy says:

its so sad that they're not together, I literally just came across this video and I cried 🙁

Marley D says:

That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen in crying so hard right now

Georgia Evans says:

I cried sooo much when I saw u both at the alter together x

Georgia Evans says:

Congrats xxxx u r beautiful xx

nathalie cisneros says:

Please get back together!!

Abby B says:

They both look amazing😍

momna alam says:

its so heartbreaking watching it now😭😭😭😭

zapyagall plays roblox says:

whos watching this in 2017

Rayzzer K says:

She didn't delete this vid! Welp they didn't last very long..

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