Steve + Taylor | Our Wedding Vlog

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Hey guys! This is our wedding day vlog in cabo captured by the talented Mallory Mileham!!! The best day of our lives. 7.21.17.
Still stay tuned for our CINEMATIC video which will be out soon! Both are two totally different vibes. Hope you enjoy them!!

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Aida Js says:


syd treg says:

yes I'm crying omg

Jessie Smith says:


Building Bri says:

Wow 😭 it's a good thing there was a Panera commercial in the middle of this for some reprieve because I was crying like a baby!! Congrats 💕

Sonja Lochno says:

this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. literally bawling my eyes out.

Helen Oldham says:

Your letters to one another, easily one of the most beautiful things I've heard. Definitely almost cried, beyond stunning! Truly hope I can find a love like yours one day ❤

Jayme Leach says:

So beautiful! Your relationship is so inspiring! I wish you two all the happiness in the world! tears

adiiiida says:

You made me cry, such a beautiful wedding.. <3 thanks for sharing.

Fumes Grim says:

Crying my eyes out.

Whitney Keays says:

Absolutely breathtaking and beautiful!! I wish you two a lifetime of happiness and health! This was so perfect. Congratulations!! <3 <3

Heyshelbee11 says:

What a beautiful video! I started tearing up immediately. You two are such a wonderful couple and inspire me to find someone as kind and worthy to be with as you two are.

Kaitlyn R C says:

I cried so much

Marissa Madison says:

I just got a spray tan before I watched this and kept telling myself to stop crying before I washed it off😂 You two are such beautiful people and we are all so genuinely happy for you!

Marissa Madison says:

I just got a spray tan before I watched this and kept telling myself to stop crying!😂 You two are such beautiful people and we are all so genuinely happy for you!

Nikki Jackson says:

I don't know you in real life but GODDAMN I balled my eyes out. I'm so happy. Your husband is a sweetheart and so are you. Congratulations

Christina Davidson says:

You got married in my birthday! You guys are the cutest! Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️

Brooke Dobney says:

so much happiness for you!!!!!!

Marie Eve Dorais says:

Love Love Love !! Cried so much…too cute ❤ can't wait for my turn, its coming !!

Kiersten Johnson says:

Omg I was crying so much 😻🙂

Kim French says:

So beautiful!! Congratulations Steve and Taylor!!! I love your channel and watching your life journey together. Wishing you a life of happiness!! <3

ShelleySteven Picott says:

Woo Hoo…I am crying like a baby but so happy for you both and you give the rest of us hope that there is a "Happily Ever After…." And yes you both put a "ring" on it…awesome day and event…quite intimate and just those that meant the most to you.

sue strange says:

4 minutes in and already in tears ok

cmares says:

Breathless….. ♥

Mary Ella says:

You guys are the cutest couple! Thank you for sharing with us! Very emotional and beautiful wedding! ❤️❤️

Liz McElaney says:

This was beautiful to watch! Thanks for sharing your special day with us 💞💍 and of course congratulations!!!

Tara Altner says:

What a beautiful video! I have loved watching your journey together. Wishing you lots of love and happiness for your future together!

Sarah Munoz says:

tear jerker! you guys are beautiful congrats!

Wendee Sands says:

Oh my gosh this video is beyond beautiful. I had tears throughout the whole thing. This video captures the love you have for each other , it was precious to see. I'm beyond happy for you two amazing souls. God has a wonderful life planned for you two! Xo

cat hall says:

Beautiful Taylor!!!!

honeybeexoo says:

i cried!! wish u guys the best

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