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Instrumentals by:


Dan & Drum

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Sony a6300


Satvinder Singh says:

Isaac is such a bright child. He thinks about his actions and how it's going to affect everyone. Isaac asking his father about Casey was such a mature thing to do. I have no doubt in my mind that Isaac will grow up to be a fine young man! Awesome to hear everything is working out and there's a mutual understanding.

Skyler Smith says:

Rip Bart and geo

I'm kidding if you didn't understand my humor

Hiluca1335 says:

Holy fuck, cant wait for the wedding vid, that teaser looks dope

jluk04 says:

Did tiff's parents not come to the wedding?

chelseayoung7 says:

i even just teared a bit watching the preview for the wedding vid, i dont know how im gonna take it when they upload the full videoooooo <3 <3 <3 congratulations tiff and case!!! sending love and blessings from australia

Yogirlpris says:


Mr BlepBlopBlup says:

i fucking hate and love this channel….takes so much time to upload a video….holy molly

Yasmine Chabini says:

Champs Elysées is pronounced "chanzélysé" you don't pronounce the P but the S

Drei SYG says:

I am so happy for the both of you honestly!! Even though the wedding was done a couple weeks ago, I still feel the anticipation for the wedding video

Justin Balaguer says:

cant wait for the wedding video <3

Michael K says:

It was so sad to see Isaac leave

Condoriaano says:

Wait I thought they already got married? You know the livestream from 3 weeks ago?

Konan Kun says:

Is Issac a Jake Pauler or a Rice Gumer? 😂😂😂

OT performance 10/4 says:

Bruh havent this nigggass beenn married?? They even brought ma nigger Geo some pjs or something like that for her baby

juiko3 says:

Well as there's loads of comment on Casey being called Dad and have acceptance from the biological father was cool, but I always wanted a face to go with it, but any who, not my business..
So, Gina looks super fine.. But 哈哈 ugly naked guy from Friends, got me.


Walter Keo says:

Waiting for the wedding video to come out now😕

Jasmin says:

Just seeing the teaser for the wedding video made me tear up T.T

zackriya math says:

ummm so on joes video when they went to paris was that the wedding?

hola como estas says:

remember that time when Isaac accidentally called Casey "daddy" in that one vlog (who's a BIGGRR BABY?!) by accident? Now that'll be what he calls him for the rest of his life :') AHH THE FEELSS

dvlee08 says:

Gahhh damn the editing is on point

Issa Gonzalez says:

All the positive vibes to the whole fam. It was an amazing vlog…I was all emotional. But can't wait until the wedding vlog!!!!!!!!! 😄

Mary Vel Aviles says:

Why am I crying two minutes in?????

Kabakazi says:

You guys were both radiating with happiness! So happy for you both 😊

FirstLetterK says:

So… is Julia with that white guy?

Daniel Tan says:

Wow that's cool that they let Issac get the opportunity to travel by himself(although i find it quite dangerous XD)
Its nice to see him taking up such a huge responsibility, i dont even think i could handle travelling by myself lol

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