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Public Proposal gone wrong. We did this prank just to see what kind of reaction we would get from the crowd. There were alot of people laughing & not many people helpful of someone who had gotten rejected…. We encourage all of our subscribers to help someone when they have fallen down . Rather than kick them while their already down.
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Prettyboyfredo says:

Thank you lord for that one guy that helped… I encourage all of my subscribers to feed off of another ones succes rather than be enlighten by someones failures. Had alot of fun recording & hope I brought across a good messge. Hit that like button & sub for more great content!!! 3M is on the way!!! LEETTTS GETTTT ITT MANNNN!!

Platinum gamer says:

I hate her she sucks she should of said yes to my boy😿she mad me cry

abdulellah bashawri says:

That was sadly the best video of my life

Kenya Chiron says:

i started to cry

Jhapz Nahigan says:

Background music?

Omar Armenta says:

20m views omg u guys are goodπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

happiness Heriet says:

wow so inspiring. .I'm even crying

sppiny twins says:

yaalll stupid mofos lafin dumass

llamy roblox and more says:

He got rejected i feel bad 😟😟😟

gloria caceres says:

People laughing….how bad

Χͺום Χ§Χ•ΧœΧ™ΧŸ says:

OMG. I got so angry at those who laughed

Jade-Ellie Peh says:

Why wld they laugh

Jessica Koutnik says:

this woman is not good she is meant!!!

holly cates says:

I'm sorry for you. 😭😭😭😭

Sonicxtx says:

Hello random stranger

ReviloOliver Catolico says:

i just cryd cause i think its real,s

Piggylet Jayjen says:

Wake up people 😨 This must be shared!!! There's something you can learn from this video.

Alka Chahal says:

omg whats dat i strt crying bt then i saw the reality lol hats off to that guy who hugs him really it will happen with anyone bt we have nt to laugh like this on anyone just respect the feelings

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