✿Song Hye Kyo & Guests dance after Wedding✿ Park Bo Gum playing Piano when Park Hyung Sik singing

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Song Hye Kyo & Guests dance after Wedding- Park Bo Gum playing Piano when Park Hyung Sik singing
✿ Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Wedding ✿
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Cộng Đồng Mạng Facebook says:

Live Stream Độc Quyền Tại Đám Cưới Song Joong Ki – Song Hye Kyo Tại Seoul Hàn Quốc

Ruizza Jane Bordios says:

I'm very very much happy to both of u! I knew it since d very beginning of d DOTS..
Panu po ba to? Iyak ng iyak po ako ! I kove u both, best wishes!

richalle cangas says:

the way Oppa hold her hand, look her hand and glimps at her AWWW SO SWEET I CAN'T RESIST!!! Oppa why are you so husband material!!? grr! <3

Nice Ponteras says:

Congratulations… SongSong Couple.
Best wishes..

Indu Bala says:

I love both

shweta prasad says:

Beautiful 😘😘
good bless you 😘😘😘

Dana H says:

He was probably really nervous too, as was she, most likely…they go away after the ceremony is over

Jonah May Necosia says:

they're both my idol,ive watch the descendants of the sun…sooo bagay i can'nt forget there kilig monents💑💑💑💑

I Stan for Bts DNA. says:

Ommo ommo ommo..i love these two people for real..

Dewi Anjani says:

Selamat akhir nya yg di tunggu datang jga

Zia Young says:

I never got interested to their wedding intil I learned that Hyung Sik was there. Then I see SJK's face, he's extra pretty on his wedding day. May they hold each other's hand till death part them away.

Maaz Khan says:

best of luck new happy beginning love u💝

lhex DelRosario says:

Congratulations song song couple 😍😍 wish u all the best…. I'm so happy for this couple 💞💝💟💙

Dimple Guiamalon says:


Bismitha Hussain says:


Anshu Thami says:

congratulation both of u……happy married life💖💖💖💖💖

twi light says:

best wishes songsong couple..may god bless both of you..

Wina Young says:


신성희 says:

The Heirs Ost 💜❤️

Sonjib Sinha says:

Congratulations song song i m very very happy for u 😙😚i luv u so much both of u

Isata B says:

He is showing so much 😍😍😍 toward her..

Navira Aurelie says:


Isata B says:

I'm glad I saw they wedding video 😍😍😍😍

Putrie Fatimah says:

Saiya baper😍😍😍

Юлия Оболонина says:

Такие они милые😍 так за руку ее держит, рада за них) счастья им)

Nohaila Esmael says:

Zhang ji yi, Yoo ah in, o ilove it

Ana Ana says:

happy song song 👍😙

Ana Ana says:

happy song song 👍😙

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