Ex-Partner’s Curse Ruins Double Gypsy Wedding | Gypsy Brides US

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Cousins, Stefanie and Amber-Lynn have a double gypsy wedding! Dustin’s ex-partner Chassity (who is also Amber-Lynn’s cousin and Stefanie’s sister) puts a gypsy curse on the reception. This ends in a big family bust up!
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Schmirieneele says:

I can't belive that so many people think that this is for real and not staged…

Alana Eedy says:

sneaky backstabbing bitch

Kitty Cheetah says:

Fukkin asshat

Keke Scott says:

The bitch lied to get him back if you have to do all that is it really worth it

Beth Anderson says:

Pure trash.

Chloe Emma says:

I feel bad for that poor girl the way he treated her was disgusting no man should treat a woman like that I believe that she didn’t do anything wrong it just shows you don’t believe a player

Swirlytails' Art says:

He’s a major fuck boy

Swirlytails' Art says:

And nice aim bro😐👌

Swirlytails' Art says:

He’s so gullible

Caroline Hayslip says:

I don't even know how to express my feeling's

kawaii pineapple says:

She should be Daniel's

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