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Marriage rites, especially dowry is sacrosanct, but the price be it high or low doesn’t make a lady a good wife. As a matter of fact, a BAD wife might cost same price with a GOOD wife. Generally, this melodrama resting on family situations attempts to illustrate the efficacy of a bad mother on the daughters.
STARRING: Ebere Okaro Onyiuke, Jr. Pope Odonwodo
DIRECTOR: Andronicus Titus Emeka

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Ernest Amaechi says:

just a movie Shaaa, if not hahaha

Glory Phils says:

i came late soo late

joy baby says:

lmaoooo d yellow pawpaw is shaking bone

Patience Jackson says:

Who is watching with me

Ediagbonya Isabella says:

Thanks for ur update hrt you guys

louise Ranjo's says:

Ooh been working all day……But at last i will land Gabon πŸ˜‚Thanks nollywood 😍

QueenVictoria OfTheNile says:

Is that girl albino, looks as if she has no pigment at all, really pretty tho 😍

QueenVictoria OfTheNile says:

"Professor without certificate"
"Radio without battery, cho, cho, cho, cho, cho, cho, cho"
When I say I hollered πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sunday Mercy says:

This movie is hot

clare Nikki says:

I wonder the kind of Mother who doesnt wish her children well and advising them wrongly. too bad they allowed her to manipulate them…

princess joy's says:

Finally is out, great job thanks for uploading

Blessing Omonigho says:

God will bless you guys. But my parents can't control my home with bad advice. When my mum is in her husband's house she can't ask me to leave my

Sasha Morgan says:

Ebere make u fear God beautiful nonsense

Rosey Florestal says:

Who is the artist that sing the song? ”Aint no man be God oh, God oh, aint no man be God ohh -God oh,”

It'z Lilly Blessed says:

just watching now, who is here with me

chykcath says:

Mrs. Ever always on Point. She got swag

Sylvia Banz says:

The last girl is very funny with the dance lol

Dephine Livingstone says:

Great movie NWPT

Faith Friday says:

Interesting movie

Beautyinmybrokeness says:

Wait oh! Did she say as a praying womanπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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