evaluating our marriage

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Farida says:

this video hurt my soul 😀

Akeeb Khan says:

Lmfao I used to live in Isleworth but closer to the Osterely tube station 😂😂

Sara Si says:

dina pls let sid talk…u tend to run over him and i feel like he's getting tired

Yas Ali says:

These hijabi youtubers – you mentioned before that they are the reason… By Allah, on the Day of Judgment, that's going to be on your neck. Each and every single one of these millions and millions of sisters that watch your videos and have been misguided because of that… Each and every single one of them and what they are doing is going to be on your neck

Yas Ali says:

I don't know how you live in a day and age when a guy is comfortable with a man looking at his woman. By Allah, that is confusing. Honestly, this is your wife, bro…

Yas Ali says:

Comment below talking about your wives makeup shouldn't you be embrassed brother. Where is your Jealousy letting her display her adornments.

Yas Ali says:

Thus is soooooo pathetic. Why are you displaying your wife brother . Sad state of Muslims wanting fame obsession with social media. It's so strange and ckearly haraam who cares about your private lives Allah kept in private but you choose to share rubbish use less info encouragingly weak and misguided ignorant muslims to imitate you. WHAT WILL YOU SAY TO ALLAH MY BROTHER AND SISTER,

Rare Sense says:

Evaluating our marriage. First half of the video talking about an imaginary divorce 🙃

Lynn says:

Love the idea of merchandise! I really want the perfect oversized sweatshirt that covers your bum but not to wide…

Khan 12345 says:

Sid u wife is so teza .
Jang jang wy
U famaly do nice

Hebah Muhammad says:

I don’t know why would you discuss a divorce!! It just attracts negative energy as if you’re saying there might be a divorce! You should never bring up divorce or separation until you really made up your mind about it, and you should discuss it privately! Another thing is, we as human beings constantly grow into different, does that mean if two ppl grew n became different ppl, does that mean it’s time for divorce by default!!!

Samar says:

In therapy with Dina? UMM YES PLEASE!!!!

H T says:

How is she so fit when she says she's around 30 but looks bout 20-25 ?? 👌

H T says:

Dina looks hot 💥

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