The Wedding Planning Begins – Parkside Chronicles [EP02] Minecraft Roleplay

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Hey guys! Really hope you enjoy episode 1 of Parkside Chronicles
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Jaybull says:

Hey there guys! Really hope you enjoy episode 2 of Parkside Chronicles! Sorry for the late upload, for some reason Youtube changed the time this was scheduled to go up .-. If you guys are still an original #BULL please leave a LIKE on the video and comment down below what you think is going to happen next 😛 #BULLS!

Sir Cause says:

can you make fnaf vids whit moosecraft again?

Eddie Rodriguez says:

Now thous begins the new season :DDDD #BULLS

Nathaniel Hunt says:


Karla Chicas says:

#PLANNER! Jay thank you for asking Beth Katie Timmy for theirs voices. #BULLBESTDAY EVER

Alida Pena says:

You should do a skywars or bedwars with Beth and Katie with voices on and timmy!!!!!! #BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natsu Dragneel says:

The is going wedding to be stop by someone who knows jay

princess_lilc says:

#Shamus I miss seeing shamus

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