Nikki Bella Calls John Cena The Love Of Her Life; Says Wedding Planning Is Part Of ‘Total Bellas’

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On the red carpet at the NBC Universal Upfronts, Nikki Bella calls ex John Cena the love of her life as she tells Access about how the new season of “Total Bellas” will show her planning their wedding, before things took a turn and the pair split. Plus, Nikki and twin sister Bella talk about what it’s been like living together.
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Nikki Bella Calls John Cena The Love Of Her Life; Says Wedding Planning Is Part Of ‘Total Bellas’ New Season | Access



Bella twins says:

We want nena backkkkkkkkkkkkk

kreed82 says:

lol at anyone that is actually gullible enough to think their "relationship" was real

Thelegend899 says:

Nicole you is way too level headed and young to marry JC. The best thing you did was to dump that cat is not your type. You DO NOT really love him. You just said that not to hurt his little feeling. You probably were his rebound from his ex wife. Play your cards right and you can rule Hollywood. You don’t need to tie the knot with anyone for now (unless of course you meet someone and go Gaga for him) and even then. You have the whole world at your feet and life ahead of you.The world is your oyster. GO FOR IT GIRLFRIEND you only live once.

James Williams says:


graniepanies says:

A publicity stunt

Kedrick Smith says:

She mentioned Kharma

Alyssia Teasley says:

I feel Nikki has to make brie happy so if she has an opinion about john Nikki is forced to choose which side? I think Nikki and john would be just fine if brie stayed out of Nikki business. They usually get back together, john has come a long way from no marriage and no kids to being open to it. Nikki is using John's fame to boost their ratings for total Bella's think about it nobody really knew Nikki til she got in the spotlight being with john cena.

Sammar1990 Al harthy says:

Nikki tour appt bitch appt bitch appt bitch

belladragonfitness says:

Birdie is adorable

trf12567 says:

This is all bullshit for the "reality show". Calling off the wedding is good for ratings.

Billie Louis says:

Brie may be expecting again

Ro says:

Great "storyline".

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