6 Steps to Start a Wedding Planning Business

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Introducing the perfect 6 steps to start a wedding planning business for women & men. Also, Watch how to become a successful business owner – https://youtu.be/gnQpysEx_k0

Wedding Planning Business

Welcome to young entrepreneurs forum, the great community of young entrepreneurs. If you are looking for startin a wedding planning business then, you landed on right video. In this video i explained six steps to start a wedding planning business for young entrepreneurs.

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Start a Wedding Planning Business

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Six steps to start a wedding planning business in 2016.

Step 1. You need to learn everything about wedding and wedding planning industry. Also, educate yourself about this industry.

Step 2. You must need to consider your path with this business. Think about your lifestyle, personality, financial needs and your bright career.

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Step 3. Now, its time to building your skill set. You need to use your experience, education, get certified and attend wedding conferences.

Step 4. Building or writing your resume for getting experience with other wedding planner.

Step 5. Establish your business.
Step 6. Building your business.

Watch full video to learn brief steps about how to start a wedding planning business for men & women.


sangeetha yuva says:

Thank you so much for this valuable information …

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Shashikala R.L says:

Plz tell about the qualification of a weddinng planner or an event manager

Bloggin Brandi says:

So no matter what business plan you start it looks like the basics are still the same. 🙂

Researching the industry is the first step. See what others are doing and what is working for them.


very very detail and useful thanks so much

Piyush Nanda says:

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Amit Agarwal says:

This video is very useful.. helped me alot

Ankit says:

Wow, great information step by step. Thanks for creating this video. My Sister want to start this business. This is easier and working plan for starting a wedding planning business.

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