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Hi everybody!

Just thought I’ll do a little catch up by sharing some of my Wedding stuff with you all. Don’t mind the bed head, I had just woke up =’D You guys are used to the scruffy me these days anyways. It’s all good because… I’M GONNA BE A BRIDE!! This is starting to get annoying isn’t it? lol

Only 10 and half weeks to go!!!

I’M EXCITED!!!! It actually feels real now!!!

Have an awesome day guys! I’m mega tired. Shipped hundreds of your orders again today. Eventually moving through the mountain of orders.

Much love, Bubz xx

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Vegas Weddings Planner says:

Hi Bubz, I know this video came out a long time ago but I love your personality! I am a Las Vegas wedding planner, not a big "youtuber" but starting my channel to advise brides on wedding planning. Would be happy for you and everyone who sees this post to subscribe! I am starting posting wedding planning videos weekly in January of 2018! =)

紅葉セリ says:

idk why but I still kind of miss her old apartment. her recent vlogz show that she's in HK again and I'm like ahhhhhhhh feelz

hy930807 says:

After watching the new videos in coming back to watch the wedding video cuz it's so romantic touching and so pretty designed

瓦妮莎 says:

Who's still watching at 2016? ☺️

Anna Lin says:

Watching this in 2015😌

raecat90 says:

All your decorations looked so nice.

Jennifer Le says:

IU red shoes! Lol

fatima mohammed says:

where did you get your wedding guest book?

Rhonda Meow Readman says:

I love hearing your Irish accent. 🙂 ( I'm just going back and watching videos I haven't seen ) 🙂

WeddingHoopla says:

I'd love to see photos of the Chinese banquet with the flowers all set up. and I second some other posters, what was your entire wedding budget?

hammies says:

+caroline fitz yes 🙂

hateallthemhaters says:

bubz you should tell us what the budget was for your wedding

caroline fitz says:

is there a vid of the chinese wedding

Meagan Cecily says:

Can someone PLEASE let me know where I can get a guestbook like hers or if Bubz can actually answer me?! PLEASE. This is the only book I've liked. 

moo. says:

It is a Chinese tradition/custom/ceremony

Chloe Scully says:

Why do u have 2 weddings?

Finny Ten says:

cool !you shares almost everything about your life 😀

reivenne says:

Wow, way to be unnecessarily rude.

Quynh Nguyen says:

shes already married idiot

KorrynTH says:

U do what u want, ur the bride! U make the rules

Samantha Skaî says:

I would love to meet you it would be an honor

Ki Muse says:

She didn't upload the wedding video yet cause her friends are editing the video, and also they must be busy maybe 🙂

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