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Marriage Proposal Fail Compilation | Girl Says No
Compilation of proposal rejection


MissSalty says:

kids, don't propose in public.

Pooja Chand says:

Last one ! To every cheesey guy in the world ..

Karolina Varga says:

Incredible to think that these guys would think they can swoon a woman by proposing at a mall, cafeteria, on the street. Whatever happened to an intimate stroll on the beach, a sunset, a vacation. Purely based on lack of effort they got a no.

Joe Mel says:

Do a MGTOW compilation next time… the men are doing all the running away… haha

Apple Blair says:

The guy at the mall, April first, is a JERK. I hope he's reading this right now. What a CREEP.

Serge Ushakov says:

10:20 fucking great! That's what I understand, I said "no" !!! The hell girl!!!))))))))

Rhonda Hebert says:

It is probably best they say no because such ostentatious proposals are never conducive to long marriages.

Harambe Nights says:

Sweet Train ftw.

globe1987 says:

If my sister's now husband did this to her, she'd have gone spare. She was embarrassed enough when he got down on one knee with nobody around. 🤣

M.J. Leger says:

Publicity-planned trick!

Connor Leskoski says:

the last one was cooooooooooooooold

Sebastian Schulz says:

Do you guys see what all of this had in common? A person essentially crowbar'd their way to another person making a social contract with them. If you wanna propose, and they send you all their signals of "no dont" – take them serious if you actually love them! Sure, some people have very poor signaling, but if you love them you see those signals very clearly. Saves a lot of tears and crushed futures. Also if your proposal gets denied and all you think is "B*tch!" or "Why you do this to me?!" the proposal was not about you and them, it was only about yourself, which is not a point to start an everlasting relationship on.

Kiba Whitefang says:

xD The last one. Lol I think he went back to Earth!

Lauren Jones says:

No-one should be put on the spot like that in public, I would say no also….that's awful to do

Apple dumpling Gang says:

Unless your girl constantly drops marriage hints it's probably best to hold off lol

julelelel dilla says:

Marriage is still one of the last overrated things u can possibly do. Just go and have a fucking great time in Vegas, then chill tf out no need to marry

José Gallegos says:

AKDKAKNS the way she drops those flowers on the rude dude

°•.LaZy_Lawless.°• ✔ says:

Never propose to someone in front of an audience if she says no you'll end up embarrassing the both of you.

B K says:

99% fake, nice Youtube. You dunnit again.

Dennis1414 says:

rude bitch. let him talk like 1 minute about marry her and then she says no.
she was like: ill make a fun of this idiot who really tries to marry me

Dennis1414 says:

is the relationship destroyed if someone says no?
i mean.. the day after that big fail would be like really awkward

Maria says:

I wonder, how it can be possible that before proposal they don't know what kind of feelings the other person have for them….

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