Weird Things Everyone Ignores About Giuliana And Bill’s Marriage

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The stars aligned when Giuliana and Bill Rancic met. The couple opened the doors to their lives by headlining their own reality show, Giuliana and Bill, and have shared intimate information about their relationship. They can’t help but gush over how much they adore one another, and there’s no doubt they’ve created the blueprint on how to have a successful, long-lasting relationship in front of the public eye. However, that doesn’t mean their relationship is hiccup-free. Here are some of the strange things about Giuliana and Bill’s marriage…

Full speed | 0:30
Starting with a lie | 1:05
Ditching her bling | 1:59
No phones allowed | 2:36
Marriage first, kid second | 3:13
For everyone to see | 3:47

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harley rexUN says:

The biggest question is who are they?

Mills J says:

That woman is ugly in and out.

toneman335 says:

It's all an act or performance so who cares?

DaBratt says:

Bill has bonded to the baby. She acts like she the baby is a hassle.

Jose Matias says:

This is weird? I dont agree i think there a great couple in the cel thing is a great idea!

Dex Lex Dead Lead says:

I ignored their wedding itself anyway

shelby smith says:

Well with the amount of people getting robbed it makes sense to me for her not to wear her wedding ring sometimes. Those carpets she was on were ones she would have been shaking hands and talking to mass quantities of people she didn’t know.

amber dessy says:

Wow reading these comments people sure hate other people who are in happy marriages ….hating people you never met and don't even know smh

Justin Graham says:

Who are these people?

Charles Hobbins says:

Backyardbrawl channel has even stranger things

Bunny says:

I could never figure out why E! hired her in the first place. She’s not nearly as good as Melissa or Kelly or as pretty. The more the years passed the more conceited she became, yet her skills haven’t improved

Dee Walker says:

She's a strange looking lady! Haven't seen her around for ages.

Michael Miller says:

Who cares about them ? There annoying and fake

JakeWhiteHat says:

Is bill a homo???

Banana Ice cream says:

She played mirage from the incredibles…

Mack Haddock says:

It's not that we ignore it…we just don't care.

This Freakin. Guy says:

She has a very weird flat bony face. And huge eyes and a tiny mouth Like an alien.

cgasucks says:

Never heard of them.

Gael Polanco says:

She looks like a fame hungry alien

Dawn Santacroce RD says:

So what if she doesn't wear her wedding ring? Bill doesn't wear his. Why the double standard?

MissIToldYou Sooo says:

He cheats on her when he goes on his business trips

Mark Grant says:

He said"I don't date women over 30""""but men yes."

Russell I says:

Damn her head looks like a fish bowl

Jolene N says:

she must be the one with the money, She reminds me of a Prey Mantis, they body, eyes, head and all.

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