Batman’s Marriage and the Death of the Inhumans – Off the Rack

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Sal and Tiff discuss Donny Cates’ Death of the Inhumans, Justice League and Batman #50! Amazon Affiliate shop: And continue the conversation on Discord! Or download the show here:

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Mike P says:

You guys need a banner, or something, behind you to fill up all of the empty blue space between you two.
You guys always have that nice visual of the TV screen and shelves behind you when you film Back Issues, or all of the fan-submitted items when you open packages, and you totally need something to give this the same level of visual personality that you give your other shows.
Like many others, I normally just tab out and listen to you guys while doing some other task. But for the times I do just sit back and watch or leave the tab as the active one while doing things around the house, its always visually pleasing to see the shelves of awesome comic stuff or a comic cover or whatever.
As enjoyable as listening to off the rack is, I found the (relatively) older style from your office building (ex. Secret Empire Finale Review and Reaction) much more visually interesting. You guys had an actual comic book rack in the background which really linked the name of the Off the Rack series with a nice visual element.

Just figured I'd offer some honest viewer feedback, since I know you guys are always trying new things.
Keep up the great work.

LooneyToon22 says:

Hey at least Sal and Tiffany can say that they did something that Batman and Catwoman have never done.

Josh Oldershaw says:

I like how as soon as Disney had purchased Fox and subsequently the F4 and X-Men, Death of The Inhumans comes out.

Ugo Eze says:

Spoiler alert…

Why was Skeets here and which Joker is this in Bane's League of Calamitous Intent?

Martin Aguilar says:

Tom King sucks at writing Bats period. His other work is great though.

Supafly Official says:

I would totally watch a Tiffany vlog channel

tophfan says:

eh i would hate it they married on the rooftop without any other characters there

Kevin Bevel Jr says:

is this going to be the permanent format of off the rack? I seem to be missing the actual streams (damn it YouTube), but I enjoy the longer and more elaborate conversations. please keep the hour+ off the rack. Bendis Superman is absolutely terrible though. the fall off from Tomasi and Jurgens to Bendis on Supes is almost as bad as the fall off from Obama to Trump zing

saul Serrano says:

Batman number 50 was trash.Im not buying Batman till they get rid of king.I miss Scott Snyder so much.He got me into Batman and King got me out of Batman.

Jeremiah Muhammad says:

I feel like it was Didio having control

7 String Skyline says:

Oooh shots fired! I agree 100% though, Janín has become incredibly lazy. Especially his background work. That hallway splash was just insulting and looks like it was inked with his feet. Chung's "candy" colouring doesn't help either.

Slasherhorror1980 says:

They're really making a good case these days that comics are a waste of money.

20 Dollar Gold Piece says:

I've said this once and I'll say it again: Batman and Catwoman should have never been married – they've never had a stable relationship
I feel like Alfred of all people should have opposed this marriage

Jesse Hernandez says:

And next they are teasing nightwing and batgirl getting married

Justin Beckford says:

I don't hate Batman 50, but the (spoilers)

Fact that they didn't get married was a super disappointment. And kind of corny in my opinion.

Darth Vader Fanboy says:

Why is it so hard to get comic book characters married? Why do most comic book writers chicken out of it. I'm still waiting and will probably be waiting many years until Peter gets married. Hopefully to MJ.

James Bunt says:

Bendis' Doctor was a woman, and she wand to be made to look like a sexy top cow warrior woman. Check out the latest Bendis tapes on the Wordballoon podcast to hear the story.

Justin Last says:

Funny, The Fantastic 4 Return and Inhumans Die the second Marvel got rights back for Disney…

It's almost as if the Inhumans were pushed to the front and Fantastic 4 cancelled just to tank the values of properties held by a competitor…but that couldn't be right, could it? Disney would never flaunt laws in an effort to make more money.

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