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Each couple has their own life and love story, before and after marriage. Nevertheless, here’s what we at Bright Side think is a list of typical everyday situations that you and your partner might find familiar!


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Mike Bradley says:


Zaniab Umer says:

After marriage is more good thn before

Barbie And Emily says:

Oh gosh please help her at 1:20

Maryann Michaels says:

I will like to use this platform to share my experience although the story is quit long i will try to be brief. My husband and i have been married for Four years now, we have been doing relatively fine although is mother doesn't like me,she has been trying to separate us ever since we got married. Out of the blue my husband started acting weird, he doesn't eat home anymore nor relate with or play with our son. He came home one fateful day and said he wanted a divorce, i was so heart broken and confused i didn't know what to do. I was surfing through the net one faithful day and i came across an article about how to cope with divorce and all that. after reading it someone commented on how she was helped by a spiritualist/spell castor who helped her in saving her marriage, she dropped the spell caster email address so i decided to contact him. He promised to help me in getting my husband to love me like before and he promised me that he wouldn't want the divorce once he is done with the spell. surprisingly he made it happened and i didn't spent much. All i am trying to say is sometimes we need a little help in keeping the ones we love, i am not ashamed of what i did plus it doesn't have a negative effect on him.

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Miss Cheery says:

1:20 What happened to her torso?!

Vishant Singh says:

Man that laugh is creepy af

Audrey Grady says:

Ok I fixed it

Audrey Grady says:

This comment will make there be 666 comments, lol

Girl Games says:

1:20:My dad falls asleep when we watch movies (ultimate connection >:D)

James Davies says:

I love the flirting one

Hung Nguyen Khanh says:

_/ want present cost 1 like

Justin Peanuts says:

Marriage is cancer.

anastasia beer says:

1:56 now I am terrified about pretending the arm around the mother is the baby girl’s 😂

Muazzam Slm says:

This is relevant only for those couples who lived apart before marriage.

Gaming Productionz says:

1:20 what happed to her bodyyy?! 😂

pratishtha Mishra says:

For me after parts are much more loving❤

ihateurmom😂😎 says:

U know notin

Destroyer 58 says:

the girl is flirty

Jahanbi Chudali says:

Really correct bright side I love your videos

Salman Khan says:

Esa bilkul nhi h shadi to ek bhut khubsurat rishta h agar Aap ese khubsurt banana chahe to😇

Chapis C says:

That's so me and my baby daddy the after parts before was all trying to impress but now that we r engaged living together with baby it's different you don't have to impress love living the married life with a baby on the way 😍

Ammara Chughtai says:

Yar hmary Han to koi before marriage nai aysy sota😀😁😂

Ammara Chughtai says:

Yar hmary Han to koi before marriage nai aysy sota😀😁😂

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