Tyler1 Reacts to Imaqtpie’s Wedding | IWD Shows Girlfriend | Yassuo | LoL Moments

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Jimmy Lovejoy says:

5:20 Trump1

Dabad says:

QT knows he looks like a troll right? Any hot chicks after whatever money he has.

blackklopi says:

as iwd still with fasffy?

failboy117 says:

my boy tyler rip

shai310 says:

Oh yes Gross Gore claiming he is quitting LoL then coming back, who would've guessed right?

MMObeast says:

qt so gross . if i was a girl . i;d never let him touch me

mcdaici says:

cant wait for tyler in his tankdress with a headset to get married

Maximum Overdrive says:

I tried to pop my neck too but instead of killing myself i fixed it.

GameRyder says:

What happened I thought gross gore was done with league lmfao


married? i bet my house imaqtpie is virgin!!

BlazeFyrClan says:

That gross gore clip was the funniest shit ever

pappy2230 says:

LS actually pisses me off. He smashes his keyboard and keeps tabbing and hitting esc like itll do something….

Paul Goodwill says:

T1 is right but Qt's weding atire is still fucked up, i think its disrespectfull to the person you are marrying to dress like that.

Mister Zilla says:

what kinda bootleg wedding is that

DCFanatic7 says:

Wait QT moved? Why does his place look smaller?

hotman718 says:

He wore a black shirt and shorts to his wedding.

LegendLappen says:

It's GrossGore alright

Steve Young says:

Man when Tyler dosent act dumb as fuck

Miroslav says:

Why are some clips here 2 weeks old?????

Orange Shinigami says:

Soemone let a homeless man into that rich wedding lmao

LLamamaH says:

"Imma wear a headseat bitch" i died =)))))

LowHanging Fruit says:

lisha and qtpie will get divorced before the en of the year…. MARK MY WORDS

Bradey McKenzie says:

Yo op where the baller out tro we need it man keep uploading

ItzTriton says:

At 1:07 how did he follow that rammus (sorry im new to lol)

MRsmylieLG says:

faggot grossie gore is back playing league? this poor dude will start cry again soon.

meeran haq says:

Apparently there are a lot of people in this comment section who think that married couples have to be super models or some shit, "she is marrying him for some other reason, he isn't attractive at all" like, anyone that's gone through life would spit at that sentence, you can just tell it's from some kid or teenager.

Juan Martin Della Lana says:

The clip of the triple kill of LL Stylish is so old lmao

Mr.Dagger* says:

Bro qt popped that black shirt, why is anyone complaining how he dressed? He looks fine af in his Gucci shirt and shorts and 800$ shoes

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