The Truth About Marriage – Mufti Menk

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► Speaker: Mufti Ismael Menk
► BG Vocals: Castillo Nasheeds

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Miss Martha says:

My first husband was Muslim – he was charming at first but his horrible religion turned him into a monster. He gave me misery and treated me like his property.
My second husband is Christian – he is wonderful: loving considerate, respectful kind, great in bed and a REAL MAN. He gives me joy, happiness and freedom – that is why I shall always love him, respect him and be true to him.

Sadaf Shaikh says:

Excellent 👍

Kaidan Alenko says:

Good Video unfortunately the Muslime world becomes more and more racist,thus,finding a live partner become more difficult

Prince Junaid says:

Is marriage with stepmothers daughter from her first husband halal in islam ..plz answer

Ramadan Salih says:

Mashallah thanks very much. Very good vedio may allah bless all Muslim people.

Ben Dover says:

prophet muhammad is gay and fucks sheep oh and as well as jesus pretty gay too

yousef bawahal says:

جزاك الله كل خير شيخ مفتي
May Allah bless you

toni va says:

What if you don't get married your whole entire life. Is that looked down upon? After watching this video its more comfortable staying single and im 38. Wsalam

touchnotthiscat says:

There really is no man who would ever consider marrying me. Having lived an awful and sad life, I'm preparing myself to be dedicated to God and that's all I want. I only need peace, love, and a fulfilling relationship with God.

Imran Shaik says:

Bro I have a question about marriage. My cousin brother is supposed to marry his cousin. My cousin's family is poor and he lost his father when he was young around 10, Alhamdulillah now he is earning money in a small business. His uncle (girl's father) accepted to do marriage with my cousin, but the girl's mother not accepting to marriage with my cousin. She want to do her daughter's marriage with a man who is software engineer in Germany. And they completed engagement with the Germany boy, now the bridegroom is saying she don't like to do marriage with Germany boy, she want to marry her cousin (my cousin)………can anyone suggest me how to deal the situation. And any video by mufti menk on this type of weddings…

Mother Of The Bride Speech says:

Cool, i like.

Heat Village says:

Damn there's no point of marriage for me or anyone else if there ugly

psalm1839 says:

if you don't put your job before your wife you wont have a wife to come home to cause she can only love you for what you can provide for her.

Fredrik J says:

So love in a relation may be more of a problem than an asset? Sounds depressing really…or guide me…

Salamislam_com says:

Importance of Marriage in Islam
visit us at :
If you are married, you might have experienced how a successful marriage plays an important part in our lives. Marriage is the cornerstone of the family and the only relationship that effectively prepares us for community; so, if it is thought upon carefully and wisely, it will result in the well-being of the society as well as each individual.

Rowla Rowla HPH says:

Rabbana hablana min azwaajina wa zurriyyathinaa kurratha au yuniv waj alna lil mutthakeena emaama..aameen

Saliq Shaikh says:

The best instruction manual for choosing a right partner ❤️

Nuima Fyenkeh says:

Thank you for your perching

eagle-6 says:

so here is the big question for us musilms how we can know the outher person is good or bad when allah said that we cant date because its harrem how we can know how

Shazia Muhamme says:

Ya Allah grant us pious spouses who can work to elevate our iman together 💞Ameen .. plz who ever reads this do dua for me and other sisters to get married 😔❤️

DI LOO says:

…You better marrie a goat! Religion is dangeres poison!!!! Wake up

Yazz Beauty says:

If you love your wife/husband for the sake of Allah that love is true and will remain forever in this life and the hereafter in’sha’allah ❤️


I want be best wife to my husband and in sha Allah I will try to be..May Allah grant us patience and blessings..


Very informative..May Allah grant us all pious spouse ..and grant us all his endless blessings to their relation who married and who are going to get married ..May Allah leads on towards the straight path and lightened our heart so we can make difference between right and wrong …

Shamih Sharyf says:

Maa sha allah what a great lecture.

rasheim reed says:

Allah is the greatest

A A says:

There's bro's on here that are replying on sister's comments like they're so hungry. Why are you brothers acting so desperate? How are you going to ask a sister to marry you on YouTube? Lol boys you need to learn to calm down. When you see someone commenting please be respectful. Telling them they are beautiful is not going to get you anywhere 😂 how many other hungry idiots do you think tell her that on a daily basis?! Anyways, just look inward, try your best to learn how to be respectful, work on you character, don't be so needy and inshallah you will find someone that will be sakinah for you.


irfan khan says:

I need a wife which is pious but i m myself a struggling muslim. Everyday i promise Allah that i will offer prayers and will become a practising muslim. But on the very next day i get involved in this duniya worldly things. I m student currently i hope after getting a job i will spend my life according to a practicing muslim. Ya Allah save me from this duniya and hereafter. I hate myself truely but i have to live on.

sarah nassour says:

Maa shaa Allah am so relived but we have long journe to go

Maha malik says:

Assalam o alikum sir i want to share my problem with u ?? Can i have your email so i can easily eamil u jazakillah kahir

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