CHRISTIAN CRINGE: 10 Reasons Not To Have Sex Before Marriage

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RE: 10 Reasons Not To Have Sex Before Marriage
So much cringe in one video, and it’s a long one!!
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JaclynGlenn says:

This video got instantly demonetized. Please consider supporting me and other creators on Patreon. If every video gets hit like this it's definitely not a sustainable path.

Michele Garbarino says:

I’m a man and yet I feel offended for how he depicts women. Can’t even imagine how a woman might feel.
Anyway the way of life he’s speaking about, died in the 50s and survived in the nostalgic memory of few. A very load few

The Euphio Answer says:

I love you!!! Can I move in with you?

The Euphio Answer says:

That's what you get for using the term "orgasm!" Which is a myth of course…for women.

TheMiku488 says:

I love the way you are pouring the wine like it's an invitation to start some drama xD 'Yeah? Wait, let me pour some wine before u bore me to death'.

kait says:

it honestly astounds me when people assume grown ass adults aren't capable of deciding on their own sexual needs

Milwaukee Atheists says:

can we just be happy this guy isnt as cringey as that christian couple?

Tendaaf says:

Just gonna point out… this guys clearly really ignorant, but not all people who are Christian are conservative assholes. (Though sadly there are a lot of those…)

QUACKer Oats says:

A new video! Yay! 😌🎊🎉

Corn Pone Flicks says:

The two most sexually-driven people I've ever met were both women. I don't know what chicks this guy has been hanging out with, but the idea that women think it's some awful chore is just 19th century bullshit.

Ferien7 says:

Ok, the last 2 seconds of this vid were the best haha

Jennie Mitchell says:

This guy has absolutely no idea what a healthy relationship looks like… which is why he's not in a relationship, but for some reason is giving (horrendous) advice about them…

NeonNero says:

Always to the point, as usual. And always bringing dodos like this to light. And no, "the world" doesn't see men who've had many sexual partners as a stud, or women who've had many sexual partners as a ho. Dipshits with outdated social views see that. Personally, I don't care how many guys my preferred partner has slept with, as long as I'm kept blissfully unaware of the number, who it was, or any details of past relationships. As long as past relations and past sexual partners are just that, in the past (and done with), I'd rather not know.
This guy's focus is way off, though.

Massive Branflake says:

I can’t stand pious self-righteous douchebags like this guy

zachary benn theFAM says:

Lilith is bae 👌🏻☺️

BATMAN says:

Also I am a human man, not a roll of duct tape.

BATMAN says:

This guys logic is not sound, because the more I use my dick the better it get´s.

Bannor Haruchai says:

If he broke up with one person that many times, the sex may only have been good for HIM.

"If something doesn't cost you something, you don't appreciate it as much" – wow, Christian dude just made a case for prostitution.

Halloween111 says:

It just might be my mood at the time, but I would love to smash one of these Churchie assholes in the balls with a hammer.

MrFukinitupagain says:

I’d much rather have a sexual relationship with a women that’s had multiple sex partners before me. I feel like a women that’s not had much (if any) sex would wonder if sex with someone else would be better, whereas a hoe KNOWS that it gets a lot worse than me…

ImaginaryMdA says:

His punchability really ramps up by the end.
Women don't enjoy sex? Women who have sex are hoes?

Foxmanfilms1 says:

I'm done with you

Stephanie S says:

I can't tell you the number of times I was told "you defraud a man by dressing provocatively, and you defraud a woman by leading her on and not committing." As if women aren't "visual creatures" with sex drives, and men don't have emotions and never want committment. Gross. This indoctrination is part of the reason I don't trust men today.

Also he seems like a major league dick. Such arrogance, how appealing.

whiterexy789 says:

His face is so punchable.

Milwaukee Atheists says:

He can give us 10 reasons not to have sex before marriage. I can give you 10 reasons not to listen to this guy

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