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Most unbelievable Wedding Photos You Won’t Believe Actually Exist finally revealed!
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14 WTF WEDDINGS You Won’t Believe!

Getting married is a thing that most people aspire to do at some point in their life.
There are classic traditions when it comes to weddings such as the bride wearing white and the groom wearing black.
But, there are some other wedding that are amazing crazy.
Here is a list of 14 crazy things that people have done at their weddings.

14. The Longest Dress
This Chinese bride was married in Guangzhou, China and once held the world record for longest bridal train. It measured at 656 feet with wedding guests having to hold part of it as she stood at the altar. This record was later broken in 2006, with a wedding in Cyprus where that dress was 4468 feet long.

13.Dress of Cream Puff
This Ukrania pastry chef made a wedding dress for his bridge. Valentin Shtefano was a 28 year old pastry chef back in 2008 year when he got married to Viktoriya. He’s well known for his often inventive and delicious creations. It is not clear how she managed to sit at any time during the wedding, which she admits was embarrassing at first since a lot of people turned up just to see her dress. The dress was made of sugar, eggs, caramel and flour.

12. Wedding Ring Piercings
“I do” means forever. And if you’re someone who really, really means it, getting a wedding ring piercing doesn’t seem so strange. The courting has changed throughout the centuries. Sometimes people want to go the extra mile. Marriage is a commitment, and nothing shows you are more committed to something permanent like a wedding ring piercing.

11. Rice Wedding
Some couples like putting a little fun in their ceremonies by doing some weird wedding photos. No, this couple aren’t trying to creatively season their meals. You may have heard of people throwing rice at weddings. Well these two thought you should have a whole dinner complete with carbs and protein.

10.Robot Priests
In 2010, this couple’s wedding in Japan was officiated by a robot. This was supposedly the first time a wedding had been led by a robot.The one seen here is an “I-Fairy” and is four feet tall. A man behind the scenes controls the robot, who apparently drew lots of joy and laughter from the crowd. The bride works for Kokoro, the manufacturer of the robot while the groom is a robotics professor.

9. Bridal Diapers
There’s been some debate online whether brides really wear diapers underneath their wedding dresses. The reason for doing so is that wedding ceremonies can run long and bridal dresses are often complicated. The easy way to deal with it? Wear a diaper.Whether it’s real or not, gets popular or not, it’s still a practical, albeit gross, way to go to the bathroom without having to run off in the middle of the ceremony or reception.

8.Married to the Eiffel tower
A woman now known as Erika Eiffel apparently has a fetish with inanimate objects. She’s apparently been in a relationship with the Eiffel Tower for 10 years, officially marrying the tower in 2007. She identitfies with being OS, which is when someone is attracted to inanimate objects. A documentary on her relationship was filmed surrounding Erika and this OS aspect of her life.

7.Shark Cage Wedding
Shark Week is quite the popular phenomenon. And with all the very extreme weddings out there, it’s not so surprising that getting married in a shark cage is a thing. At the Long Island Aquarium, brides and grooms can be submerged in a 110,000 gallon tank of sharks while they side inside and get married.

6. Pot de Chambre
In France, couples are gifted with a chamberpot to eat out of, very usually leftovers from the reception, after a night of festivities. It’s not so common nowadays, but there are still those who partake in eating out of the “pot de chambre.” But the tradition has even evolved, with some people using toilet bowls as a sign of the times. The chamber pot is usually new.

5.Themed Weddings
So themed weddings are quite popular anyhow. There’s loads of ideas out there, from Hogwarts letter wedding invitations to the best men and bridesmaids dressed as characters from Lord of the Rings, this couple went a little further and had the groom dress up as Mon Calamari from Star Wars, complete with members of the Empire. In fact, their wedding officiant was dressed as Slave Leia from Return of the Jedi.

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When planning a garden wedding, the number one element is the weather, make sure that it’s going to be beautiful; of course you can have a beautiful November day and a hideous May rain, but keep the season in mind.

There are many aspects of weather that you have to be aware of, it’s not just the temperature, you have to know the humidity, and definitely check for pollen count. The worse thing that could happen is your guests running around sneezing the whole night.

If your wedding is more than a year off, you can definitely go the venue and check it beforehand, garden weddings can be just as formal as a hotel wedding, but you also have an opportunity to be casual chic. The open T’s and paper lanterns hanging from the trees, and candle light everywhere, just be sure the candles are enclosed otherwise they could blow out with the small breeze, and there goes all your decor.

Don’t think you that have to rent tables and use tablecloths, you can also use great outdoor furniture, you can buy outdoors furniture at CB2, have some cocktail tables with chairs, and even have sofas and ottomans, everybody loves bringing the inside out, and your guests will surely enjoy it.

To be sure that there’s somewhere comfortable to dance, you might have to rent a dance floor and make sure that your venue is comfortable with you putting a dance floor over their grass. When planning a garden wedding, make sure you have a contingency plan, perhaps you can tent the garden itself, or there’s a local house you can go to, otherwise your beautiful garden wedding can be hindered by your guests shivering or covered in rain, so those are some tips on a beautiful garden wedding.

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Just try and get everything done as early as you can and remember that when your big day finally comes – you just need to go with the flow! You can’t change a lot of things that have already been planned / are going ahead on the day so just work with what you have and everyone is there to help you so use their help and advice! Congratulations and I wish you all the best for your beautiful wedding!

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